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951 - Mr.
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The TVADDB (Television Commercial Database) contains information on hundreds of TV commercials, and is free to use. More commercials are being added every day, and YES, TVADDB wants your comments and insight on as many commercials as you can stand to watch.

TVADDB does not host the full videos for commercials. About a fifth of the commercials are available in full on YouTube. If they are, the TVADDB page for that ad will have the Youtube video embedded. If not, the TVADDB will at least have some still images.

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Suzi Barrett and Ben Weber

Do you know Suzi Barrett and Ben Weber? No? Yes. Yes you do.
Suzi and Ben are in a bunch of commercials, and if you don't recognize them from the photos below, surely you will know them from their 30-second stints on the small screen.

Ben Weber's fans have to defend him against people on YouTube accusing him of being Tom Hanks' brother. He is probably best known for a Gas-X commercial where he is suffering from gas while at a job interview... actually, strike that, he is probably best known for being one of the Gieco cavemen, it's just that you can't recognize him from that role, because he's got a bunch of caveman makeup on.

More recently he has appeared as the skeptical husband watching his wife leave the house on a "girls night out" to Harrah's Casino, and on the Secret Life of the American Teenager" TV show.

I wish him the best in his continuing acting career!

Suzi Barrett is another actor who has lighting up televisions between shows.

A graduate of the Upright Citizen's Brigade, she broke into national ad campaigns giving hell in an elevator for 1-800-dentist.

She has continued to build her commercial portfolio, with appearances.. dare I say STARRING ROLES in ads for Milo's Kitchen dog food, Esurance and Metamucil.

In the spring and summer of 2011, it has been nearly impossible to watch an entire episode of Cake Boss without seeing her selling something in a burgandy shirt.

I don't have any data to back this up, but I have a feeling that being ubiquitous 30-second pitchwoman is temporarily profitable, but cannot be sustained. Advertisers want your face to represent their brand, not a co-mingling of a weird bunch of different products.

I hope I'm wrong, because I'd be very disappointed if Suzi disappeared from television.

Maybe I need to write a pitch a pilot! She would be an excellent addition to any comedy.. I know she's expecially qualified for any role centered around insurance, dog food and laxatives.

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